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A complete guide to link quality, spam links and bad links


An In-Depth Guide to Link Quality, Link Penalties and “Bad Links”


Lynxing for sites is not the same. In the Linux process, there are certain links that are considered spam or bad links. Many articles have been written about the value of Linux quality.

Answers to a few questions must be answered for the link.

  1. What makes it a quality link?
  2. Why are SEO shortcuts bad for SEO?


The following is a step-by-step explanation for answering the above questions.

What makes high quality or low-quality links?

There are several different ways to make high-quality links or donations, and we’ll explain the things that Google has mentioned.

The first part of the “link schema”, which is a guide to the status of the instructions:

“Any links that are already included in Google’s search results to change the color of the page or rank of the site may include a link schema”

It seems like you’ve been violating Google’s laws every time you use a link to upgrade your site’s ranking.

But it should be noted that Google did not say “part of a link plan” but said it might be part of the link plan.

When you start this company Targeted Web Traffic, consider a space between high-quality links and high-quality links, which determine the quality and quality links in each section.

According to Google’s announcement, there are some things you can follow.

  1. Google intends to generate high-quality content of popularity.
  2. They want to link to an article.


So, in order to eliminate the danger of a black hat, we will refer to a simple definition of link quality:

High-quality links are links created by content.

High-quality links are links created without creating content automatically.

What is the article link or editorial link?

Before we can define “bad link”, we must first understand the article section.

What is the link to the edict?

Before describing a bad link, the editorial or editorial section should be explained. Be sure to check in the webmaster that something bad has not happened or spam links to your site have not been uploaded.

Surely your article is not surprisingly surprising that other site managers will link you. You must ask other people to link to your article.

The following is the number of ways you can do Linux:

Some tactics clearly focus on creating and promoting content (interview, infographic, etc.). The choice of an essay or essay is obvious, but there are very few explanations in Google-quality links.

  1.  Guest post: On some sites or blogs, webmasters allow you to start generating unique content for their site by considering the topic they are looking for.
  2.  Register in directories: Register your articles in directories with high-quality links.
  3. Comment on blogs: Find related blogs and post comments in the comments section but leave your point.
  4.  Forums, Q & A Sites


Not all editions or editorial links are bad

The definition of the links to the homepage is very complicated. For example, linking from social networks to your site will not harm your website.

Google Penalty Links

There are two types of penalties for Google:

1 – manually

2- Algorithm

Type One: Manual Penalties

This type of penalty is handled by the Google team manually, which can be a very bad thing.

These things can be done by different people:

1- Report spam on the rival side.

  1. There has been a suspicious case in your profile link that Google’s algorithms have detected that it should be manually checked.
  2. You are in the activity plots that Google is in your supervisory status.

How to deal with manual punishment?

If Google has handcuffed you manually, you will certainly be notified via the console.

Type II: Spam Algorithms Spam Links (Penguin Algorithm)

Your site is automatically penalized by Google based on the link information. No human review is required. Most punishments will be issued by Penguin algorithms.

How can you deal with Google’s penalties?

If you receive a penalty from Google, you will be notified. If something happens, Google will show you clearly.

Google’s penalties will dampen your visitors from search engines. To avoid being penalized, you must produce high-quality content. Get quality links from related sites. After that, you can real website traffic to your website and blog and drive new visitors to your website so easy and without any problem.


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